2007 – Solar Power for BWAKO

Dear Donors and Friends,

UDUMA has been rendering technical medical development aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than 20 years. The Laboratoire Médical BWAKO in Butembo has become the most important medical laboratory in the entire North-Kivu Region, thanks to our support.

In 2004, with help from UDUMA, the first blood bank within an area of 1000 km (625 miles) was opened. At first, it depended on the public water power station for electricity. This source proved to be too unreliable however, and the refrigeration of the blood reserves was often compromised. Subsequently, power was supplied by a diesel generator.

Aufbau der Solaranlage, Panel auf dem Stahlgerüst

A member of UDUMA, Dr. Thomas Wolff supervises the installation of the solar panels. A 5 metre high steel construction was built in order to optimise the angle of the panels towards the sun and also to protect this valuable technology against theft.

In January 2007, we were finally able to equip the laboratory The planning, acquisition and delivery of the solar-technology was a success, due once again to the collaboration of TTM and Terra Tech, Marburg. They have been partners of UDUMA for many years.

Solaranlage im Betrieb

Since the electricity supply has been secured, the blood-bank now offers its services 24 hours a day. After the renovations, aside from the hitherto existing services, there will be a diagnostics centre and a training centre for future lab-technicians.

UDUMA would like to thank the dentists from Siegen, Olpe and Wittgenstein, whose donation in 2006 made the acquisition of the photovoltaic equipment possible. The dentists have been collecting old tooth crowns from their patients for 6 years and with the money they receive from the sale of this gold, they support social institutions as well as projects abroad.

We owe our thanks to Rudolf Hanebeck from Wenden, who agitated within the regional dentists union for the blood-bank. In 2007, UDUMA received another substantial sum of money, which now finances the training of young lab-technicians in Congo.

Our thanks also go to the travel agency, Finca Mallorca in Cologne. The director, Susanne Jachmich, greatly enabled the technological expansion of the laboratory by giving a large donation to UDUMA. Furthermore, UDUMA would again like to thank all the private donors for their support.

In the coming year 2008, the intention is to expand the Laboratory BWAKO into a diagnostics centre. We kindly ask you for your donations in order to make the necessary alterations.

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