UDUMA Chronik

UDUMA Chronology

UDUMA (Kisuaheli: help) contributes towards the improvement of medical care in the East of the Democratic Republic Congo. In the last decades, war and mismanagement have led to the complete destruction of all public structures.

1 9 8 7
Medical Laboratory Bwako. Beginning of co-operation with the director Mr. Kakule Masangavuka.

1 9 9 4
Electricity supply for the lab. With the help of the organisations, Terra Tech and Technologie-Transfer Marburg, UDUMA was able to deliver an electricity generator and enabled the relocation of the lab to its new building.

2 0 0 1
Reference lab: As a result of substantial material donations, BWAKO was able to significantly expand its services and has become the most important lab in an area of 1000 km (625 miles).

2 0 0 4
Official opening of the first blood-bank in the Nord-Kivu region. In addition to the blood-bank technology, UDUMA was able to provide an ultrasound and an ECG, the first of their kind in Butembo. Bwako, UDUMA and the town’s dignitaries celebrate this with 200 guests.

2 0 0 6
Self-sufficiency through solar-power. The blood-bank acquires its own solar power station and becomes independent of the inadequate public electricity supply. A Congolese branch of UDUMA is opened in Butembo.

2 0 0 7
The opening of UDUMA RDC, a Congolese branch of our organisation, with an office in Butembo. Henceforth, UDUMA-Projects can be co-ordinated more efficiently on site.

Diagnostics Centre Bwako: Dr. Joy, the eldest daughter of the lab director, takes on the new medical centre at the station and enables comprehensive diagnoses and treatment. In addition, Bwako opens a training centre for lab technicians.

Lab network in the country: Thanks to Mr. Kakule Masangavuka, the establishment of a network of rural labs enables the quick diagnosis of tropical illnesses and the successful implementation of blood-donor campaigns in Butembo and further afield.

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