UDUMA - Das Labor BWAKO in Butembo

Laboratory Bwako in Butembo

The medical lab is in the Kivu-Province in the Democratic Republic, close to the Ugandan and Rwandan borders. The population has suffered for many years as a result of the persistent civil war.

Zentralafrika, Kartenausschntt D. R. Kongo, Butembo

The need for medical care is critical. Many illnesses are directly linked to malnutrition and poor hygiene. There is one doctor for a population of more than 100, 000 people, plagued by Malaria, AIDS, Typhus and Cholera.

The Laboratory Bwako has a central function in the field of diagnostics and health education. In close collaboration with the resident doctors, a ring of rural supply centres has been established in the last 10 years.

Mr. Kakule Mansangavuka’s goal is to have a central reference lab and a blood-bank for the Kivu-Region. This is an inspired vision, that is however, not possible to achieve in the current situation in Congo, without help from abroad. Through the untiring commitment to the Kivu-Region and with help from material donations, the Laboratory Bwako has become an institution.

Zeitungsartikel über den Generatortransport

In structurally weak regions, decommissioned, fully functional equipment can save lives! A 17 kWh generator from the stockpiles of the former National People’s Army of the GDR, enabled BWAKO to be independent of the unstable electricity supply provided by a coffee farm. As a result, Bwako was able to broaden the spectrum of possible medical tests.

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