2009: NUCLEUS is the future

Since 2000, UDUMA Inc. Köln has been working in Nord-Kivu, helping the people to help themselves. With our help, the medical laboratory BWAKO has been able to develop into the best diagnostics centre in the whole of Nord-Kivu. In 2004, BWAKO, with help from UDUMA, opened the first blood bank within an area of 1000 km in order to cope with the increasing need for professionally tested and constantly cooled blood reserves in this town of 600,000 inhabitants. In 2007, UDUMA was finally able to provide solar power to the laboratory, thereby making the the refrigeration of the blood reserves independent of the unreliable public electricity supplies. Since then, the blood bank has been able to provide a 24-hour service.

NUCLEUS building site

NUCLEUS is the future: polyclinic with a blood bank

The blood bank is integrated into the ‘Programme National de la Transfusion Sanguine’ (PNTS), which is overseen by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

BWAKO started with the expansion of the station into a diagnostics centre in early 2009. In 2010, the first part of the clinic should be finished. In the future, patients suffering from malaria, typhus, cholera, HIV and tuberculosis will be examined and treated by medical professionals here. With Project NUCLEUS, BWAKO is starting to expand from a lab into a polyclinic, which will enable them to see patients, have a diagnostics lab, a medical treatment centre, and a place to admit critically ill patients, all under one roof.

“The cooperative development work has failed”

The international community has been stoically pumping billions of euros of development aid into the Congo, without measurably changing the terrible situation faced by the population. Thousands of UN peacekeepers are sent into the country without improving the security or stability of the region. The international trade of Congolese natural resources, however, runs like a well-oiled machine.

For more then 10 years, the population of eastern Congo has suffered terribly as a result of the war over gold, diamonds and coltan.

Although the media would like to give us the impression that ethnic conflicts are at the root of the Congo’s ‘civil’ war, the real cause is the developed world’s hunger for natural resources. The industrial nations deliberately support the destabilisation politics of certain neighbouring countries of the Congo. On their orders, these countries drag this resource-rich region into war, in order to simultaneously loot the mines. Even Germany, the world champion of exports, is no exception. While the industrialised nations get rich, the population of the Nord-Kivu region suffers to an unimaginable extent. The medical facilities, amongst others, are gravely lacking.

Butembo Kids

Infant mortality rates for children under 5 stands at 20%

Many children suffer from anaemia which can be treated. Unfortunately, adequate medical facilities, including the necessary medical laboratories, are lacking.

You can be a part of the development of NUCLEUS by making a donation. There are three possible ways of doing this: a one-off donation, a regular contribution or becoming a member of UDUMA

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