In the Democratic Republic of Congo, childhood mortality remains at almost 10%.

The main causes of death are maleria, measles, diarrhoea, TB and AIDS.
The organisations UDUMA and Burundikids Inc. enabled a pharmacy in Cologne, Apotheke zum Goldenen Horn, to donate medical supplies to the HIV-support and prevention association, ANSS, in Bujumbura, Burundi. For more information about these NGOs please see: and
Congo is a multiethnic state with over four hundred tribal groups and as many languages. Of the 60 million people 70% live in rural areas. After the elections in 2006, the central government in Kinshasa promised structural improvements . Despite this the medical provision remains desperate.
UDUMA visits the school in Düren. The school children had sold their own hand-work at their Christmas Fair and donated the proceeds to the development of the BWAKO clinic. Georg Roloff, Hedy Michels and Lisa Tepass (from left to right) thank them with a video presentation and a Q&A session.

UDUMA Letter 2008

Dear Donors and Friends,

UDUMA has been providing technical medical development aid in the Democratic Republic of Congo for over 20 years. With our support, the Laboratoire Médical BWAKO in Butembo has become the most important medical laboratory in the entire North Kivu Region. In 2008, Dr. Joy Bwako, daughter of the lab director, joined the team and started working to transform the lab into a clinic.

In 2004, with help from UDUMA, Butembo’s first blood bank was opened, the only one in an area of 1000 km (625 miles). With your help, we were able to provide the blood bank with solar power in 2007, thus ensuring a reliable source of energy. The refrigeration of the blood reserves is now independent of the unstable local power supply.

The support from the professional association of dentists in Siegen, Olpe, and Wittgenstein in Germany, was instrumental in making the first steps of this new project possible.

The brutal conflict over natural resources that has once again flared in the Kivu Region has ended the hope that, after the 2006 elections, living conditions in the area would improve. The suffering in the region has increased greatly as a result. In the Goma Region, south of Butembo, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced due to the fighting.

Although the media has for years painted a picture of the war in the Congo as the result of ethnic tensions, the actual reason for this crisis is the industrialised world’s hunger for natural resources. Even Germany indirectly supports the destabilisation politics of certain countries neighbouring the Congo, in order to purchase illegally mined minerals such as gold and coltan at a lower price.

During 2008, BWAKO, with UDUMA’s support, began the expansion of the blood bank and lab into a clinic. The first phase of building should be completed in 2009. We kindly ask you for your donations in order to make this possible.

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